Don’t just speak to your customers, investors, or employees. Have a conversation with them.

Don’t just speak to your customers, investors, or employees. Have a conversation with them.

Creating a pretty website or intranet is easy. But building an interactive site—one that gets the job done elegantly—is a lot harder. It takes years of experience (which we have), a specific set of skills (which we also have), and working knowledge of how front-end and back-end systems must work together (ditto) to deliver a fully functional site that lets you have a conversation with your site visitors, whether those are customers, prospects, employees, or investors.

Websites that communicate what you want to say.

Today’s successful businesses rely on websites that can communicate to diverse audiences and that can share regularly updated content. Without those capabilities, you simply have a static electronic brochure that is less likely to engage customers and prospects. Interactive Division delivers on the promise of our name by developing, designing, and managing websites that are not only beautiful to look at, but also provide the information and interactive experience that your users want.

Intranets that
put users first.

Intranets should look good, of course, but they should be designed with the needs of the user in mind. That’s how we approach each project, by looking at the prospective site through the eyes of the people who will be relying on it. The result is an intranet that effectively supports the needs of all potential users, whether they are simply searching for information or are in charge of managing or creating content.

Investor relations sites that invest in delivering relevant information.

Investor relations sites are unique: They must maintain a close relationship with the corporate brand while also delivering highly relevant content to investors—much of which comes from external information providers. Interactive Division leverages our deep experience with investor relations communications to create and support investor relations sites that look like their corporate parents while speaking the language investors like to hear.

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Keeping a good thing going.

Once we’ve developed and designed your new website or intranet, we can help you ensure the continued success of your project by maintaining and managing it for you. Or we can train your team so that you can manage it internally.

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Many of our clients already have global development teams in place. We complement those teams by coordinating with them to create user interface designs that will integrate with existing back-end systems. This lets clients leverage current resources while benefiting from new and updated websites and intranets.